SmartSolve Audit Management

Audit Management Software - Plan, Manage, and Conduct Regulatory and Quality Audits

Audit Management Software System

Effective audits are the foundation for quality and compliance throughout your organization. But developing an efficient audit management system can be challenging. That’s where SmartSolve® Audit Management comes in. Our Audit Management software helps you:

  • Simplify audit planning.
    Why re-create when you can re-use? Audit Management lets you replicate your current audit programs to quickly plan upcoming quality audits. Standardized audit checklists and easy import capabilities prepare you to ask the right questions at the right time.
  • Improve audit management system efficiency.
    Say goodbye to schedule conflicts. Automatic email notifications and calendar integration give you instant visibility into high-priority audits and tasks. Our audit management software even helps you delegate audits or assign a specific criteria section to the right auditors.
  • Enhance auditor productivity with SmartSolve® Mobile Audit. 
    Don’t stress when your audit takes you to remote locations. Whether on a manufacturing floor, in a lab, or offsite at a remote facility, the SmartSolve® Mobile Audit software application gives you the flexibility to perform and review audits where a network connection may be limited or unavailable. You can easily download audit records and log audit results, evidence, and findings offline during the audit, and resync with your enterprise system to complete your audit workflow tasks.
  • Manage audit findings.
    You’ve just recorded a finding. But what happens next? Audit Management takes the guesswork out of documenting findings and follow-up. You can rest assured that high-risk findings are automatically escalated for further investigation, while low-risk findings can be monitored for future recurrence. Plus, the audit management system’s streamlined workflow simplifies responses for multiple audit findings.
  • Share your results.
    With a single click, create a final audit summary or explore trends in your audit findings within our prebuilt dashboards, or build your own dashboards to analyze your SmartSolve audit data. Whether you leverage SmartSolve quality audit software's built-in reporting capabilities or the powerful analysis tools within SmartSolve Quality Intelligence, you can easily distribute reports to share audit results and trends throughout your organization. And, you can use all the time you just saved with our audit management system software to focus on continuous improvement.
  • Tailor, extend, and integrate your quality processes.
    Audit Management is developed on SmartSolve's Platform for Compliance. SmartSolve's Configuration Tools, Platform Services, and Enterprise Integration capabilities make it easy to tailor, extend, and integrate processes as the demands on your quality management system grow. Plus, Pilgrim's secure, cloud-based deployment options and automated validation tools help your team get up and running on new processes quickly.


Audit Management is an integrated part of our SmartSolve quality management software.


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