SmartSolve Asset Management

GMP-Compliant Equipment, Calibration, and Maintenance Management

Asset Management Software System

SmartSolve® Asset Management, powered by Blue Mountain Quality Resources®, specifically addresses the unique regulatory, quality, and productivity needs of calibration and maintenance professionals for Life Sciences organizations. Quality Asset Management software allows you to:

  • Manage the equipment lifecycle.
    Manage all your equipment-related needs in a single place. Our equipment asset management software enables GMP-compliant control of the equipment lifecycle from induction to retirement, while integrating with SmartSolve’s broader quality management platform when corrections need to be made.
  • Establish consistent procedures.
    You can establish procedures to ensure that equipment is routinely calibrated and maintained. This reduces the risk of regulatory noncompliance due to lack of inventory control, past-due calibrations, or maintenance work. Regulatory Compliance Asset Management’s automated scheduling and electronic notifications, together with its built-in KPI tools and reporting capabilities, enable you to make better decisions related to process tolerances, calibration intervals, and proper instrument application.
  • Record calibration and maintenance results.
    Concerned about audit readiness? Asset Management can help. The asset maintenance software enables users to record calibration and maintenance results on the spot, sign off on completed work, and automatically maintain these results as part of each equipment record. You’ll be able to easily provide the evidence needed to demonstrate that a piece of equipment was properly calibrated or maintained at required intervals. Out of Calibration and Failed Calibration flags can then be automatically raised based on actual measurement data and your pre-defined tolerance levels.
  • Trigger quality events based on results.
    Asset Management enables you to seamlessly manage out of tolerance and failure events for more efficient and effective remediation. SmartSolve facilitates the collaboration between calibration, maintenance, and quality personnel to speed an asset’s return to production and ensure follow up. This includes the ability to trigger a quality event when a piece of equipment is out of tolerance.
  • Conduct reverse traceability of standards.
    SmartSolve offers best-in-class reverse traceability of standards. Since any field can be designated as a report field, a reverse traceability report configured to your exact needs can be pulled directly from the master standard record. Traceability can even extend to determine in which batches and tests the instrument was used.
  • Quantify performance.
    Asset Management enables you to quantify performance with KPI tools and reporting functionality. Its measurement data entry feature can be used in combination with the solution’s built-in measurement data templates, saving you time with certainty and uncertainty calculations and determining test accuracy ratios. Should an out of tolerance calibration or unscheduled maintenance event occur, these recorded measurements will be integrated into the reverse traceability report and help to expedite the remediation process.


Asset Management is an integrated part of our SmartSolve quality management software.


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