Pharmaceutical Quality in the Cloud – Key Takeaways from Last Week’s Webinar

Pharmaceutical Quality in the Cloud – Key Takeaways from Last Week’s Webinar

Bernard Jee, Product Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

Last week, we hosted a webinar called “Make the Move – Why Pharmaceutical Quality is Better in the Cloud.” During the webinar, speakers from PwC, Concerto Cloud Solutions, and Cardinal Health shared their perspectives on the changing drivers in quality, compliance, and patient safety, and how many of those challenges are best met using cloud-based quality management tools. If you missed last week’s webinar, you can view the Make the Move to the Cloud On-Demand Webinar here.

It’s Time to Redefine Quality

For the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries, the word “quality” is often equated with “compliance.” Jan Paul Zonnenberg, Life Sciences Partner at PwC, emphasized that Life Sciences quality must be redefined. Ultimately, quality must be defined in terms of the patient. This doesn’t mean neglecting compliance or typical quality KPIs, but it requires taking the time to analyze quality from a patient view of availability, affordability, and effectiveness.

Jan Paul also emphasized the need for a holistic quality management system (QMS) framework to support this patient-first perspective. He explained that a quality system should be consistent, simple to understand, and useful for communicating quality’s objectives with executives throughout the organization. A cloud-based infrastructure will be the fastest, most flexible, and affordable solution to achieving the next generation QMS.

Cloud First Equals Patients First

The patient-first perspective was reiterated by our presenter from Cardinal Health, one of Pilgrim’s large cloud customers. Cardinal provided insight on the drivers behind their cloud-based implementation of Pilgrim SmartSolve® QMS. Speed was a major factor in their desire to move to the cloud as was the ability to easily share quality system data for continuous improvement.

Another benefit of the cloud is the ability to focus clearly on the patient. Our presenter emphasized that Quality and Compliance professionals hold their patients’ lives in their hands. Ultimately, it is the Quality team’s responsibility to ensure that quality-related data is stored in a way that it can be used to act decisively when a nonconformance or adverse event threatens patient safety. The Pilgrim Cloud supports Cardinal’s ability to make these critical decisions every day.

The “Early Days” of Cloud are Over

Our partners from Concerto Cloud Services also provided their perspective on the benefits and challenges of the cloud. One of their key points for Life Sciences is that the “early days” of cloud are over.

Life Sciences was (rightfully) reticent to adopt the cloud in its infancy. At a minimum, the industry requires a high-speed, high-availability, and high-security technology infrastructure. These capabilities are available and attainable in today’s private and public clouds. Many Life Sciences organizations are seeing that it is time to make the move to the cloud to realize its cost and efficiency benefits.

Are You Ready to Make the Move to the Cloud?

Is your organization ready to make the move to the cloud? Consider whether the cloud can help your business turn quality into a competitive advantage and put patients first. Watch Pilgrim’s on-demand webinar to learn more.


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Bernard Jee

Product Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions