Imperatives for Next-Generation QMS – Key Takeaways from Last Week’s Webinar

Imperatives for Next-Generation QMS – Key Takeaways from Last Week’s Webinar

Roxane Napoli, Senior Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

Is your quality system keeping up with regulatory changes, industry pressures, and the demands of global business? Most quality management software (QMS) solutions on the market today are struggling to meet the rapid pace of change in the Life Sciences industry. Last week, in conjunction with PwC, Pilgrim Quality Solutions presented a webinar on the next generation of QMS.

During this webinar, part of the Make the Move series, Jan Paul Zonnenberg, Life Sciences Partner at PwC, and Kari Miller, Regulatory and Product Management Leader at Pilgrim Quality Solutions, discussed the QMS capabilities and strategies needed to take product quality and patient safety to the next level. They also revealed their thoughts on the imperatives for next-generation quality management systems. If you weren’t able to attend the live session, you can watch the on-demand version of “Make the Move: Why it’s Time to Embrace Next-Generation QMS” here.

External Drivers for Change

Jan Paul began the presentation by discussing the drivers for change. Rapid advances in technology, increased business complexity and regulatory oversight, and the need to drive improved product quality are all drivers that put pressure on quality systems and the people who manage them today.

The trouble is that today’s quality management systems aren’t quite up to the task of fully meeting these challenges and cannot alleviate the pressure on the Quality team. Declining usability, site-focused point solutions, and highly customized deployments are making it difficult for the older generation of QMS to keep up with these challenges.

“Achieving real product quality as defined by the patient is the ultimate objective of the quality system. One would argue that in today’s environment we haven’t quite reached that balance.” – Jan Paul Zonnenberg, Life Sciences Partner, PwC

Imperatives for Next-Generation QMS

The presenters also discussed the imperatives for next-generation QMS. What capabilities will Quality teams and Quality systems need to meet increasing business, industry, and regulatory demands? They agreed that quality systems must:

  • Drive real product quality
  • Link closely with business strategy objectives
  • Enable harmonized processes
  • Allow global deployment and reporting
  • Deploy enterprise-class capabilities
  • Enable quality culture and organizational effectiveness

“Not only does quality need to move beyond the four walls of the organization, it needs to take down the compliance shield.” – Kari Miller, Vice President of Regulatory and Product Management, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

Next-Generation QMS Solutions

Pilgrim Quality Solutions is ready today to support the Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences industries in making the move to next-generation QMS. Pilgrim SmartSolve® provides built-in capabilities to support global deployments, harmonize quality processes, improve overall product quality, and provide the platform for a culture of quality. If you’re ready to learn more, join us for the next webinar in this series to learn about solutions for next-generation QMS success.


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Roxane Napoli

Director of Marketing Communications, US Marketing, IQVIA