The Future of Pharmaceuticals

The Future of Pharmaceuticals


It is an exciting, and formidable, mandate – to solve the world’s healthcare challenges. To continually find new ways of delivering value and real outcomes to patients, providers, and payers. To rise to the challenge to be more precise, from clinical trials to commercialization. To make the most out of increasingly limited resources. And to minimize while maximizing success. That is what IQVIA, the Human Data Science Company, is about.

The collection of recent IQVIA blogs below take a look at the landscape and issues impacting the Pharmaceutical industry in the era of Technology 4.0. Learn more about the IQVIA perspective on the future of Pharma here:

Growth perspectives for the pharma market – According to the latest 2019 Market Prognosis publication, despite a growing global healthcare burden, pharma market growth* is expected to slow to a CAGR of 4.6% over the five years to 2023.

Artificial Intelligence and In Vitro Diagnostics: Advancing Patient Care – The in vitro diagnostics (IVD) laboratory stands at the center of clinical decision-making, because of its role in data generation. A recent study on the awareness of AI in the U.S. clinical laboratory, conducted by the IQVIA™ BBC IVD Solutions team, showed that most laboratory professionals have already seen some advances driven by AI in their laboratory. As a result, they expect dramatic changes within the next two to five years in both the laboratory landscape and their routine workflow.

A new (protected) future for genomic data – How breakthrough privacy protection will accelerate research and transform precision medicine.

Virtual Trials 101: Answering questions (and dispelling myths) about virtual clinical research models – Virtual trials promise to transform the way clinical research is conducted. This model delivers multiple benefits including access to larger patient populations, easier recruiting, more and better data collection, lower levels of attrition, and ultimately lower costs.

Yet because this model is still relatively new, many industry professionals are uncertain about how it works, where it’s appropriate, and what it means for site staff. To address these concerns, we’ve answered the most common questions when it comes to virtual trials.


Smart Quality Management


Learn how you can build a business case to gain organizational support for your Quality 4.0 initiatives.

Smart Quality Management

Pilgrim Quality Solutions

Pilgrim pioneered quality management software more than 25 years ago for regulated enterprises that needed a better way to deliver, track and oversee quality-related activities.