Achieving Customer Success with World-Class Customer Service

Achieving Customer Success with World-Class Customer Service

Charles Murphy, Cloud and Customer Success Leader, IQVIA Quality Compliance Solutions

With the advent and continuing adoption of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence, deeper and lasting relationships at both the consumer and enterprise levels have become necessary to achieve successful business outcomes. Customer Success is the term used to describe this paradigm shift in the business world, reminiscent of the transformation last seen when IT became a value driver, in addition to a core function, within organizations.

Customer Success focuses on helping customers achieve their business objectives by optimizing the customer experience and customer satisfaction through innovative products, excellent service delivery, outstanding support, and reliable operations service levels.

Customer Success Drives Quality

Among QMS technology providers, the most successful Customer Success teams are proficient at meeting customers where they are and assisting them to move forward on their Quality Maturity journey. This is particularly evident among Life Sciences organizations where customer service and Quality management is critical to their mission of provide life-altering and life-saving products and services.

Successful technology provider teams consistently monitor their customers’ progress, as well as the use and effectiveness of their technology products and services by their customers, particularly in several key focus areas:

  • Product Adoption
  • Onboarding
  • Reliable Support and Operations Service Levels
  • Customer Engagement

World-class technology provider teams are comprised of an integrated collective of specialized support and services teams, all striving together to ensure the customer experience within each of these focus areas is excellent, seamless, and consistently leading to increased Customer Satisfaction.

Product Adoption

To fully realize the value of the investment made in any product or technology platform, it is important that the product features, functions, and processes be adopted. A successful Customer Success team will effectively guide its customers through these steps. Critical to providing guidance is knowing a customer’s industry and the global quality compliance requirements that govern it.

Key extensions to the Customer Success team in driving the customer’s success during the product adoption phase are the Product and Development teams that continuously work to evolve the product’s solution architecture and to innovate new solutions. Another extension during this phase is the solution provider’s Training teams that deliver instruction to new or existing users.


After the initial or continuing investment in a product or technology platform, the next factor critical to customer success is the time to realize value. The primary objectives during the onboarding process for a new technology solution are to deploy the solution in a short timeframe, with the customer-specific business requirements incorporated to a trained user population.

The provider partner contributing to customer success at this stage is the Implementation Services team. Before engaging with the customer in deploying the solution, this group should quickly ramp up to understand the customer’s requirements, and then accurately configure the technology solution to the customer’s specific operation.

During onboarding, Training Services join in the Customer Success mission to accelerate user proficiency with the solutions being implemented. A successful training program will elevate the customer’s success by making its solution users experts with the technology and arm them with knowledge to support their extended organization. With guidance from truly skilled trainers, the customer will gain a thorough understanding of the solution’s functionality and learn to maximize the benefits and total value of the solution.

In the Life Sciences, quality is essential to product efficacy, and compliance with industry regulations is mandatory. With these considerations top-of-mind, a truly world-class Customer Success operation will also will be buoyed by elite Quality and Compliance consultants who will guide related programs and processes improvements that enable the Life Science customer’s quality and compliance. These programs and processes include areas such as organizational change management, process harmonization, risk management, and remediation.

Outstanding Support and Reliable Operations Service Levels

After the trust conferred by a customer, there should always be confidence in having a reliable partner that is reachable if an issue or question surfaces. In any technology organization, essential to the supporting cast of professional teams that drive their customer’s success is an expert Technical Support team that will provide dedicated solution support from first contact through resolution.

Day-in and day-out, this team’s mantra is “Customers First.” Their continuous objective is to resolve customer inquiries as quickly as possible to reduce the customer’s time spent out of production. The goal of a truly world-class Technical Support team is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction through Total Contact Ownership, an industry best practice which guarantees the support team take full responsibility for every call every time customers request technical support services.

Customer Success is a universal concept that, when superiorly practiced, offers equal commitment to organizations that choose to implement their technology solutions in the Cloud. Today’s leading global technology providers deliver their Cloud solutions using enterprise-class infrastructure and services. For Life Sciences organization, data integrity and privacy are paramount. The world-class Cloud solution team will ensure the integrity of its customer’s data within a guaranteed secure environment. Further, successful organizations that are growing on a world stage call for cloud solutions and services that scale easily alongside them.

Customer Engagement

The distinguishing characteristic of Customer Success is listening to the Voice of the Customer at each step along the journey, and communicating internally so that actions may be taken to maintain alignment and help the customer succeed at meeting their objectives. The most accomplished Customer Success team members are unrelenting Customer Advocates, with extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in their customers’ industry and their very own provider organization’s solutions. In a technology solution enterprise, they strive to get the most out of their customer engagement efforts by harnessing the combined power of technology and human interaction.

IQVIA Quality Compliance – World-Class Solutions Driving World-Class Customer Success

At IQVIA Quality Compliance, the focus of all employees is to ensure the customer experience is excellent, seamless, and consistent leading to increased Customer Satisfaction. Our Customer Success Team guides and coordinates these efforts, but every member of our entire extended enterprise team is focused on the success of our customers. IQVIA provides world-class solutions and is recognized for its commitment to driving worldwide Customer Success within the Life Sciences.

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