8 Sites Life Sciences Quality Managers Should Follow

8 Sites Life Sciences Quality Managers Should Follow

Adonna Blasko, Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions

When it comes to keeping your ears tuned to the latest industry news, there are so many resources and voices vying for your attention. It can be tough for Quality Managers to know which sources to really keep an eye on, which to bookmark when you need to research or gather information on a particular topic, or where to go for commentary on industry hot buttons. Here we’ve gathered a list of resources you should browse, bookmark, or tune in to help keep you informed. In no particular order, here are 8 resources and one bonus site to peruse.

1. Life Sciences Decoded

Company: Thompson Coburn, LLP Topics Covered: Life Sciences Decoded, one of several blogs run by the law firm of Thompson Coburn, focuses solely on the Life Sciences industry and regulatory topics. Featuring insight and analyses on activity from the FDA, FTC, and DEA, you are sure to come across valuable nuggets within their articles. Take a look at their recent post FDA launches medical device database: AccessGUDID to get an idea how they summarize the benefits of the Global Unique Device Identification Database and clearly explain the UDI system.

2. FDA Voice

Organization: US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) Topics covered: Featuring articles from experts that run the gamut of the FDA’s expertise, FDA Voice covers everything from medical devices and radiation-emitting products, drugs, vaccines, and biologics, to regulatory science and technology innovations. This resource will keep all you Quality Managers tuned-in to new things happening at the FDA, upcoming workshops, and technology or regulatory changes on the horizon.

3. FDAnews.com

Company: FDAnews Topics covered: FDAnews features a variety of articles and content on medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and clinical trials topics, but more importantly, they have three complimentary newsletters that condense daily news briefs and deliver them to your inbox. The topics are self-explanatory, so be sure to peruse the content and subscribe if you find them valuable.

  1. Drug Daily Bulletin
  2. Device Daily Bulletin
  3. QMN Weekly Bulletin

4. Med Device Online


5Pharmaceutical Online

Company: Life Sciences Connect Media Group / VertMarkets, Inc. Topics Covered: The 4thand 5th sites in our resource roundup go hand-in-hand. Both are online publications for the Medical Device and Pharmaceutical industries, respectively. And, both sites features industry articles, news roundups, and editorial content focusing strictly within the med device or pharma arenas.

6. FDAzilla Blog

Company: Govzilla, Inc. Topics Covered: You may be familiar with the FDAzilla blog as a quick way to see the most recent 483 citations from FDA inspections, but dig a little deeper and you will find value in the site’s more content-heavy posts. Their topics range from tips on how to avoid FDA 483s, infographics and data on FDA inspections, to industry trends.

7. LNS Research

An analyst firm focusing on advisory services for a few niche industries, one of which is Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), LNS Research offers insight and metrics to fuel business decisions. Take a look at their recent post, 4 Tips for Elevating Quality and Incorporating Risk into CAPA to get a feel for LNS Research.

8. ISO 9001 Blog

Company: Advisera Topics covered: This blog covers ISO 9001 from a wide range of angles. If you are interested in learning or exploring topics on ISO 9001, this is a great place to dig around and discover. For starters, check out their recent post, ISO 9001 Horizontal Audit vs. Vertical Audit

Bonus: Mobile Technology

mHealth Intelligence

Company: Xtelligent Media, LLC Topics Covered: The site focuses on a variety of mobile health topics, such as medical device communication, mobile healthcare, and wearable technology. While these may be on the outskirts of Quality Managers’ typical radar, many of you may be interested in keeping up with mobile technology, mobile medical applications, and mobile security topics, as they relate (in)directly to Life Sciences.

Wrap Up

If you are in quality management, how do you determine which sources to follow and give your attention? Please share your suggestions in the comments below. On a related note, in case you missed it, be sure to check out this post on social media monitoring for Life Sciences. And, while you are busy learning and exploring, be sure to visit the Pilgrim Knowledge Center.


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