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Careers at Pilgrim Quality Solutions

Pilgrim Quality Solutions understands that our customers' satisfaction is greatly influenced by the skills, expertise and commitment of the Pilgrim team. To deliver the solutions and services our customers deserve, and to support our ongoing growth, we strive to recruit and engage top talent. 

As an employer, we pride ourselves on respect for a comfortable work-life balance. We provide a diverse and stimulating work atmosphere that encourages creativity and fosters teamwork. When you work alongside creative thinkers who share your interests, you’re able to turn big ideas into reality for our customers.

Pilgrim offers competitive salaries and benefits, a collaborative work environment, and ample opportunity for you to make a positive impact. For an active listing of our open careers in quality management software solutions, click here.

Core Values

In order to successfully collaborate and have a positive impact on our solutions, services, and customers, Pilgrim seeks employees who share our core values. We believe that a team that shares common values is better suited to work together and is more likely to work well together toward our common goals. That’s why we continuously live and breathe our three core values —Trust, Teamwork and Integrity — through our interactions with one another and through our relationships with our customers.

Integrity – Honesty and fairness in everything we do 

Trust – Continuously building trust with our colleagues and customers

Teamwork – Working together to deliver quality and excellence to customers 


When you meet Pilgrim, you will meet true diversity.  Collectively, we represent the cultures of more than two dozen countries. This diversity helps us relate to our customers and is another source of Pilgrim’s creativity. 

Because we are so diverse, Pilgrim makes it a priority to allow employees an opportunity to learn about each other and our cultures.  Each month our culture team hosts an event at our offices for employees to get to know each other a little better.  Costume contests, international lunches, picnics, carnivals, and language lessons are popular events, fostering teamwork and a spirit of unity among colleagues.  At Pilgrim, we work — and play — well together.




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