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All of Pilgrim’s solutions are purpose-built to serve the needs of large enterprise environments. Functionality that takes into account the complexity of software deployments across multiple countries and organizations has been engineered into the platform from the start. Issues of access, scale, security, global utility, and system integration are all addressed in Pilgrim’s technology.

Aggregates across the Life Sciences value chain

Pilgrim solutions have been developed to manage the quality and compliance needs of large, multi-site, global enterprises. Sharing information across multiple organization, physical sites, and suppliers is key to ensuring your quality targets.

  • SmartSolve’s hierarchical data allows for corporate and local sites, each with its own departments that restrict access to information.
  • Set business rules and logic that confine access to information to those who need it.
  • System and software scales with your business to allow for additional users and processes as needed.

System Integration: Works in step with your environment

To fully support your quality and compliance efforts, the SmartSolve platform and application modules have been designed to work in harmony with your existing IT environment.

  • Implementation includes fitting SmartSolve to work with a customer’s unique set of ERP, PLM, CRM, and HR systems.
  • Pilgrim’s Web Services Integration Kit quickly automates repeating data and document imports to and exports from SmartSolve.
  • Pre-built Web services integrate quality management throughout your global enterprise.

Global-ready: Built for worldwide quality and compliance

Whether your operations are spread globally or you rely on contract vendors, eventually your quality system will be accessed by users around the globe.

  • Unicode database allows for single and double-byte languages support as well as localized date and time formats.
  • Multi-language support spans system elements such as screens, menus, reports, messages, transactions.
  • Pre-built best practice configuration can be modified with any proprietary terminology that best suits your organization’s standard operational language.

Easily Configured: Adapts as your process and business evolves

Pilgrim’s SmartSolve platform gives you the ability to configure the applications to provide ongoing support and growth of your quality solutions.

  • Simple, Web-based graphical interface.
  • Edit forms, data entities, and workflow processes within the scope of the application.
  • Built-in flexibility lets you address future quality-related needs.

Security: Extend access securely to those who need it

  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocols for communication.
  • SmarSolve’s Active Directory Utility acts as a central authentication management utility which enables you to automatically populate and update user data from your Active Directory system and synchronize with SmartSolve.
  • Pilgrim’s cloud solution includes ongoing monitoring of user access, firewall integrity, and full time intrusion detection inside an enterprise-class SSAE 16-certified hosting facility.

Deployment Options: On-premise or in-the-Cloud

To meet your specific Quality Management System needs, SmartSolve applications can be deployed either as an on-premise or cloud solution. When deployed on-premise, your technical team has full control of how SmartSolve is deployed and operated within your systems environment. For customers who prefer the advantages of a quality management solution in the cloud, Pilgrim offers SmartSolve in a software-as-a-service format.


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