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SmartSolve Training Management

Training Management Software – Ensure a Competent, Compliant Workforce

Training Management Software System

SmartSolve® Training Management helps you manage training and certification for a qualified, competent workforce. It makes your existing training management system easier to plan, implement, and monitor. Our Training Management software can help you increase productivity, reduce job quality issues, and maintain compliance with industry regulations. You will be able to:

  • Certify your employees for compliance.
    Be confident in your training process. Training Management software gives you the tools you need to certify your team on industry regulations, SOP revisions, and your own internal processes. When an auditor walks in the door, you can quickly demonstrate that your employees have maintained their qualifications over time.
  • Streamline your training management system.
    Offer your trainees the convenience of online registration, automatic notifications, and simple requirements tracking. Once sign-up begins, you can easily monitor class registration, trainee participation, and results. You can even tailor training to your specific needs for role-based, initial, revision, or refresher training.
  • Increase employee effectiveness.
    Whether you're training to SOPs, scheduling classroom-based training, or using a SCORM compliant e-learning system, our Training Management software helps you to ensure that each trainee understands training content. Plus, electronic signature capabilities capture employee and manager signoff, while helping you maintain compliance.
  • Improve organizational oversight.
    Do you need to be sure that a team member is qualified for a specific role? Would you like to quickly find a person who meets certain training requirements? Can you readily identify when training is due? Training Management’s reports can help by giving you enterprise-wide visibility into training gaps, completion, and history.


Training Management is an integrated part of our SmartSolve quality management software.


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