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SmartSolve CAPA Management

CAPA Software - Manage CAPAs and Verify Their Effectiveness

CAPA Management Software System

SmartSolve® CAPA Management helps Life Sciences organizations like yours develop a risk-based, streamlined problem resolution process. Our CAPA software provides user-friendly tools to:

  • Adopt a risk-based CAPA process.
    Build in your best practices and let our system do the rest. Our CAPA software automatically adjusts its workflow based on failure type, product, or other defect information. You can be confident that high-risk problems will be assigned to the right team members for action. CAPA Management also provides trend analysis to help you monitor low-risk defects and keep them from becoming critical issues.
  • Record your investigation.
    Be thorough and complete by documenting your investigation methods, action plans, and approvals. CAPA Management’s investigation process also lets you map actions to their root causes to eliminate defects at their source.
  • Resolve problems quickly.
    Keep everyone in the loop. Personalized email alerts and dashboards help CAPA team members quickly weigh in with action plans and responses. Our milestone dates and escalation triggers help you close out CAPA records on time. These capabilities extend throughout your value chain so you communicate quickly and clearly with suppliers when CAPAs affect them.
  • Ensure CAPA effectiveness.
    Our CAPA Management software alerts you of scheduled effectiveness reviews so you can be sure that corrective and preventive actions have delivered the desired results. You can also use our configurable failure mode monitoring to see if a CAPA has failed to eliminate a recurring problem.
  • Let CAPA software feed continuous improvement.
    Don’t fix what you can prevent. SmartSolve’s reporting capabilities and quality intelligence tools give you the insight to identify regulatory threats and areas for improvement. You can use your CAPA data to provide design inputs for new products and processes and preventive changes throughout your organization.


CAPA Management is an integrated part of our SmartSolve quality management software.


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