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The Newsroom is a hub for company-related and industry-wide news. You’ll find Pilgrim press releases, articles by experts inside and outside the company, and blogs that highlight the latest hot topics impacting quality and compliance in the Life Sciences industry. 

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Smart Quality Management: The Impact of Industry 4.0 on QMS
Kari Miller, Regulatory & Product Management Leader, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsLast week, Pilgrim was privileged to address the 2017 American Medical Device Summit on a topic that all Quality professionals need to be thinking about. However, in many cases, Industry 4.0 sounds like a buzzword or it’s assumed to be a distant future opportunity. In reality, facets of Industry 4.0 are already here. Industry 4.0, also known as Smart Factory 4.0, is labeled as the fourth industrial revolution, yet many don’t understand it or how it will impact the things they do; Quality Management is no exception. The Executives in your organization, however, are most certainly monitoring this paradigm-shifting strategy. Quality professionals should be as well. Quality professionals must ensure they are part of their company’s Industry 4.0 dialog.
Make the Move: Solutions for Next-Generation QMS
Kari Miller, Vice President of Regulatory and Product Management, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsMore than ever before, Life Science quality professionals are feeling the pressure of increasing regulations and the rapid pace of business and industry-driven change. In previous posts, we’ve discussed these challenges, as well as the imperatives for the next generation of quality solutions that will help meet them. Next-generation enterprise quality management systems (QMS) must drive real product quality, link closely with business objectives, enable global harmonization, support enterprise quality, and enable an organization's culture of quality. That’s a tall order for most quality systems that are deployed within Life Sciences organizations today.
The Path to ISO 13485:2016 Compliance - Are You Audit Ready?
Sandy Carson, Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsThe industry continues to be buzzing about ISO 13485:2016, and with good reason. The March 1, 2019 deadline is inching ever closer and some organizations are in full preparedness mode. Some have already even conducted mock audits. Others have been granted new product approvals with the new ISO criteria already coming into focus for them. Others are simply putting team plans in place for their implementation and/or upgrade to ISO 13485:2016-ready Quality Management Software (QMS) solutions.
Imperatives for Next-Generation QMS – Key Takeaways from Last Week’s Webinar
Roxane Napoli, Senior Marketing Manager, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsIs your quality system keeping up with regulatory changes, industry pressures, and the demands of global business? Most quality management software (QMS) solutions on the market today are struggling to meet the rapid pace of change in the Life Sciences industry. Last week, in conjunction with PwC, Pilgrim Quality Solutions presented a webinar on the next generation of QMS.
Quality 4.0: Get Educated, Get Involved, and Lead!
Larry Ferrere, Senior Vice President, Product Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsBig Data, connected products, and profound opportunities for improvement. LNS Research is helping industry prepare for the future of Quality. LNS and Pilgrim Quality Solutions recently hosted a webinar titled, “Quality 4.0: What You Should Know, How You Should Get There.” If you were unable to attend the live session, you can view the on-demand recording here.
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