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The Newsroom is a hub for company-related and industry-wide news. You’ll find Pilgrim press releases, articles by experts inside and outside the company, and blogs that highlight the latest hot topics impacting quality and compliance in the Life Sciences industry. 

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The Path to EQMS: Where Are You Along the Journey to Quality Maturity?
Rick Lowrey, CEO, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsIn recent posts, we’ve dug into the need to transform your quality management system and even how to extend quality management processes outside the four walls of your organization. Each of these themes leads to a final goal; you will need to use the power of an automated, integrated Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS) to achieve a mature, global quality system. Our recent infographic details some of the typical paths that organizations take to achieve the benefits of automated, global EQMS. These end goal benefits include process and data harmonization, structured organizational hierarchies, enterprise integration, extended supply chain management, and a significant reduction in overall cost of quality.
Extending Quality Management Beyond the Four Walls of Your Quality Organization
Kari Miller, Vice President of Regulatory & Product Management, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsLet’s face it, the arms of regulators are getting longer and so is their vision. The extended supply chain is experiencing additional oversight by regulatory bodies around the world, and in fact, your suppliers’ suppliers are not immune to that scrutiny. The list of organizational quality stakeholders continues to grow as the value chain expands to include suppliers and even regulators themselves. This means that a Quality Management System (QMS) needs to be enterprise strong and it needs to be global if an organization is to respond to harmonization of standards, guidelines, and regulations around the world regarding the organization’s value chain.
17 Quality, Compliance, and Risk Management Resolutions for 2017
A new year has begun. For most of us that means a fresh start and a brand new set of goals. But have you set your quality and compliance goals and resolutions for 2017? Whether you’re just getting started or planning the next steps in your quality maturity, Pilgrim’s quality and compliance experts are here to help you start the year off right. In today’s post, we’ve asked our experts, “As a quality and compliance professional, what is your top resolution for 2017?” Here are some ideas that will lead you and your organization to a happy and prosperous new year.
Happy Holidays from the Pilgrim Quality Blog Team
It has been our pleasure this year to share with you our perspectives on the latest topics in the Quality & Compliance industry. We wish you a delightful holiday season and a prosperous 2017.Best Wishes,Pilgrim Quality Solutions
Quality Management Systems: More than the Company Historian
Kari Miller, Vice President of Regulatory & Product Management, Pilgrim Quality SolutionsProduct Quality is a given in Life Sciences organizations; after all, the purpose of producing a medical device or pharmaceutical is to improve the life of the patient using the product. The backbone to producing quality goods is a Quality Management System (QMS) that, by definition, supports the processes focused on consistently meeting customer requirements and enhancing customer satisfaction. In a global industry environment that is constantly evolving, it has become apparent that a new approach will be required if organizations are to achieve the goal implicit in that definition. The Quality Management System will need to simultaneously evolve beyond the role of company historian and expand its primary focus of achieving compliance. Quality data needs to be turned into information that is informed, actionable, proactive, and predictive. In other words, information that truly fosters a culture of quality.
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