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Practical Tips for Managing Supplier Risks in the Life Sciences Industry – Part 2
Florian Czaszewicz, Industry Solutions Consultant, Pilgrim Quality Solutions, an IQVIA companyEarlier this week we shared the first in a two-part series on practical tips for managing supplier risks in the Life Sciences industry. In the previous post we discussed how resource planning, understanding the rules, preparation, and planning lay the foundation for a successful supplier-risk management program. In today’s post we’ll provide practical tips for setting goals, coaching recommendations, and best practices for supplier performance and risk monitoring.
Practical Tips for Managing Supplier Risks in the Life Sciences Industry
Florian Czaszewicz, Industry Solutions Consultant, Pilgrim Quality Solutions, an IQVIA companyIt is critical today that risk-based thinking be embedded across respective quality and compliance activities throughout the Life Sciences. ISO13485:2016 regulations are driving the industry to this paradigm. I recently explored practical tips for managing life sciences supplier risks together with a team of consultants, including Dr. Carmine Jabri of E.M.M.A. International Consulting Group, Aida Markham of QACV Consulting, and Kenneth Christie of VTS Consultants, Inc. This post is the first in a two-part series that examines our findings, which you also can uncover on-demand here.
The Path to ISO 13485:2016 Compliance – What’s Your Next Step?
Justin L. Smith, Manager of Product Management, Pilgrim Quality Solutions, an IQVIA companyThis industry continues to buzz about ISO 13485:2016. The February 28, 2019 deadline is now less than one year away, and many organizations need to take advantage of every minute between now and then to be compliance-ready. Plus, busy registrar schedules, combined with your company’s certificate expiration, mean that you may have less time to prepare than you think. Pilgrim is here to help you along the path to compliance. Are you ready to move forward?
Pilgrim Quality Solutions: 25 Years of Quality, Compliance, and Success
Pilgrim Quality Solutions, an IQVIA companyThis week, Pilgrim Quality Solutions proudly celebrates 25 years of commitment to helping hundreds of organizations around the globe manage product quality with confidence, enhance patient safety, and be more prepared for audits than ever before. Pilgrim has pioneered quality management software solutions since 1993, bringing industry best practices to the Life Sciences sector, and partnering with the world’s leading companies to enhance their quality processes, positively impact their financial performance, and achieve regulatory success. In honor of this accomplishment, we look back over the last 25 years of events that have defined Pilgrim as the leading provider of enterprise quality and compliance management software and services for the Life Sciences and other highly regulated industries.
Pick Up a New Habit: Making Quality a Priority
Sandy Carson, Marketing Communications & Events Manager, Pilgrim Quality Solutions, an IQVIA company

“Quality isn’t an act, it’s a habit.”

Aristotle said it first. But it doesn’t take a philosopher or a scientist to recognize that excellence doesn’t happen overnight. Just ask the drum major in the local high school band or the prima ballerina in the regional ballet company. It takes ongoing commitment to reach the pinnacle and continuous approaches to quality improvement to remain there. The QA director at a leading pharma or medical device company know this, too. Very well. The practice of continual improvement starts with a unified, enterprise-wide commitment to ongoing best efforts and to process improvement.
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